Spruce Street Books

Meet The Creators

Laura Watts attended many funerals as a child. There was so much death, but so little space for grief. In an effort to make the world a more accommodating place for kids and grown-ups alike to be mad and sad about death, Laura Watts became a Certified Thanatologist through the Association for Death Education and Counseling, as well as a National Certified Counselor. She holds graduate degrees in counseling and thanatology. Laura has helped people process their grief in meaningful and productive ways via grief groups, individual counseling, and consultation.

Daniel Perkins was a curious boy, and an artistic one. He once got caught by his skivvies on a cherry tree branch in an effort to see the world from a birds’-eye view. Another time, he discovered his granddaddy’s old car parts in a shed and fashioned a robot. Exploring Dr. Seuss’ curious world as a child inspired Daniel to tell stories through his art. As an adult, whose not forgotten that boy, Daniel is a multimedia artist based in New Orleans. His work includes children’s book illustrations, sculpting, woodwork, and sketches. He most enjoys working with mediums of acrylic on canvas and clay.